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Bring Your Designs to Life

The process of getting samples of your latest range with the right sample maker can sometimes be a challenging experience. It can take time to find a sample maker who really understands your vision, pays attention to your instructions and does not charge a fortune to produce your samples.

Our FREE sample service will guide you through the process of making your latest product a reality. Here’s a quick look at what’s involved:

  • Patterns

The first pattern is always the toughest. Maybe you have something that has an amazing fit. Maybe it’s just a sketch. We have a library of pattern blocks that are market tested, and market approved.

  • Sourcing

Sourcing materials can be an intimidating process. From sample yardage to fabric minimums, we’ll work with you and remove some of the anxiety from the sourcing process.

  • No drawings? No problem

No drawings, but have a physical sample you want to work from? Send it over to us and we can use it as the basis to model your sample on.

  • FREE Samples

Once we have an initial pattern and your desired fabric, it’s time to see where we really stand. We will work closely with our sample makers that deliver a world class product sample at no cost to you.

Why work with HC Accessories?

HC Accessories have the know-how and contacts to get your apparel and accessories made in China. We’re a US owned manufacturing company who have worked with many brands, large and small, to realize their dreams when it came to producing their goods in China. We have a team on the ground in China and have spent years solidifying relationships with the best local manufacturers.

Want to get started? Simply complete the form and we will get in touch to walk you through the process of making your products come to life.

*Qualifying requests only.

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